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This page explains the different age groups and sections within 29th Dublin Blackrock Scouts. Though we talk about the age grouping in the sections below, usually we will keep friends together to the best of our ability through a peerage system, ie, scouts in the same year in school are generally kept together in sections.

Beaver Section

Age: 6-8

Beaver Section is the youngest section, we take kids from 1st class in school, to about 8 years in age. This is where the journey and the fun all begins.
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Cub Scout Section

Age: 9-11

The cub scout section is the second youngest group. The Cub Scout Adventure is full of fun and exploration. Cubs are all about finding out about new things and new ways of having fun. Cubs learn to become more responsible because they want to do more things like go on longer camps and activities, like hikes.
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Scout Section

Age: 12-15

This is the most iconic of the scouting sections. Scouts do everything that the cubs have done and more, building on the growth started in cubs, they work through their badges and their “Spirit of Adventure” book.
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Venture Crew

Age: 15-17

Venture crew is all about independence. We organise and run our own events with a little help from our leaders. Everything from rock climbing, to hiking, to camping. Our Venture crew despite it’s small size is barrel of laughs.
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Rover Scout Logo

Rover Scouts

Age: 18-26

Rover Scouts are the big kids on the block. They are the oldest non-leader section, though most rover scout moonlight as leaders for the younger sections. This section is truly independent, organising events, trips and project without the help of leaders. We will have a rover scout section of at least 8 for September 2011, so if you are interested in joining please contact us.