A complete 8-step guide to get your Cub Scout Pack camping.

Dear Cub Scouters,
We are delighted to bring you our eight-step ‘Camping with the Stars’ resource. This resource aims to help you and your Pack have a fun-filled, youth-centred camping experience by building your capacity and confidence in camping step-by-step. You can start to complete these steeps up to five months before your camping experience-it’s up to you.

Step 1: First Pitch
            Plan for camp in small groups; roles for Scouters.
Step 2: Gearing Up
            Clothing, layers, personal first aid kit, packing an overnight bag, hygiene.
Step 3: Out and About
            Day activity with the correct gear.
Step 4: Site and Oversight
            Leave No Trace, risk management, site layout.
Step 5: Food for Thought
            Overnight with food hygiene and prep in small groups.
Step 6: Spars and Sparks
            Tent pitching, gadget construction, fire-lighting.
Step 7: Adding the Magic
            Campfire, Scouts’ Own, flag ceremony, gear check, revision.
Step 8: Camping with the Stars
            Revision, get out and camp, review.

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