Next Thursday is our last meeting for this year.

As some of you know it is also our last year as we are immigrating to Canada during the summer. This leaves the Scouts down two leaders. We really need people to volunteer to help out or the section may not run next year. We, by law, have to have a certain amount of leaders to children and the same people are left doing this year after year. This is not fair on them. With the new child protection laws it takes about 8 weeks to get Garda Clearance (even if you have received it before you need to re-apply for scouts), you don’t need to train as a leader and you don’t need any experience. Rachel had no experience in scouting when she started.

If you want the 29th Dublin Scouts to continue please volunteer some time.

We would also particularly like to thank Emma who even though is an explorer Leader has come down every week to help us.

Hope you all have a great summer.