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IFC Camp 15-17 Oct 2016

Hi All, We are holding a camp this weekend in the den, it is for Scouts and Venturers.  The cost of the camp is €25 euro. Meet down in the den on Friday 15th at 8pm and collect on Sunday 17th at 1200scout_camp. Everyone should wear their neckerchief and bring
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping mat
  • Change of clothes
  • Pyjamas
  • Wash gear
  • Plate, cup, bowl, knife, fork, spoon etc
  • Torch
  • Raingear
  • Warm coat
  Regards Niamh

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Backwoods Adventure

backwoods_Page_1 backwoods_Page_2

Download the PDF Version


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Smelvin 2016 Information

You need to log in and be a member of the Smelvin2016 Group to use links below.
  1. General Information
  2. Theme
  3. Timetable
  4. Marking Criteria
  5. Equipment

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Smelvin General Information

Smelvin Competition

For teams (Patrols or Watch’s) of 6 – 8 scouts, these teams will be referred to as the Standard Patrols.

Smelvin Novice Competition

For teams of 6 – 8 Scouts. There can be no more than 3 scouts on the team who have previously participated in a Smelvin or Phoenix competition. This is the seventh year of our Novice competition. The idea behind the Novice competition is that it will give younger Scouts the opportunity to take part in the Smelvin weekend.  If the teams are struggling at any stage over the weekend, venture staff will be assigned to them to assist and encourage them, (however the ventures will not do the job for them!). There will be a prize for the winning Novice team, and both Novice and Smelvin teams will compete against each other for the Cooking and Log book trophies and the Campfire Competition. The winners and runners-up of the Smelvin competition will go forward to represent Dun Laoghaire Scout County at the Phoenix Challenge in August. Max age of a Scout is 15 years 364 days or under on day 1 of The Phoenix Challenge, which is 18 August 2016.

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Scout Annual Camp

Please see attached letter to Parents given out at Scout meeting 15 March 2016. There will be no Scouts until Tuesday 5th April 2016 due St Patrick's Day and Easter. st patricks dayHappy-Easter-3            

Details of Annual Camp also included.

scout_camp camping                

Click icon below to download the letter.


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Scout Monthly Activities

Hello All A few people have been asking for activity dates until the end of the year. Below is an updated list of activities until the end of the year.  
Date Activity Location
12 Mar 2016 Smelvin tryout day Scout Den
15-17 Apr 2016 Smelvin Lough Dan
20-22 May 2016 Backwoods Camp Larch Hill
24-26 Jun 2016 FUN CAMP Scout Den
4-10 Jul 2016 Annual Camp Portlick Campsite
18-21 Aug 2016 Phoenix Challenge Castle Saunderson
As always these dates are subject to change. I have included the Phoenix Challenge above for information only, the Troop need to qualify in the County Challenge (the Smelvin) and it will be one Patrol attending.

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A quality day on the Hills

The Scouts did hike near Glendalough last Saturday and it was a quality experience. We head from the IMC Hut up Camaderry, from the start it was raining. We got to the car park beside the disused lead mines and headed up, we found snow as we came near to the top of the col and the mist was covering the whole coll. It was extremely blustery and the visibility was down to about 10 metres. We got on to the col and just headed for spot height 677, see photos below.wpid-wp-1456221079582.jpg





Well done to all it was not an easy hike with the conditions we has.

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