Hi all

Some have asked for details of the hostel weekend so I thought this was the best place to put it for confirmation.

It is on from Friday 19 February 2016 to Sunday 21 February 2016 in the IMC Hut in Glendalough, click here to go to the IMC page for directions or you can click the Google Maps link. All Scouts should arrive for 7pm on Friday and be collected at 12pm on Sunday. Only uniform item required is the neckers.

Please click here for an equipment list, only uniform item needed is neckers. Please ensure each Scout has two tea towels and they are marked with names. Please do not let scouts bring electronics as these items distract them from engaging with the other Scouts and organised activities. Scouters can not be responsible if they are brought along and broken or lost.

It is a good idea to let the Scouts pack their own rucksacks so on Sunday morning they know where everything fits.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact me, my contact details are on all letter issued.