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Clean Up Day 2012

I’d like to thank everyone who came and helped at the annual den clean-up day this Saturday, the 10th of March. A huge amount of work was done. A standard sized skip has been filled with old junk from the stores, leaders room, and kitchen. There are a few photos of the magnificent work that was done in cleaning up the place. Unfortunately I only have one photo of which only has a small subset of the people who came out to help.

Soon we will be decorating the den with old flags, neckerchiefs, posters, pictures, and whatever else we can find. If you have any old neckerchiefs that are from other troops and would like to donate them bring them down to the den. We are happy to note which neckerchiefs are yours if you ever want them back at any stage.

Thanks again,
Kevin baker – Scout Leader

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Blackrock Clean Up and Cake Sale

The Explorers are helping to clean up Blackrock this Saturday and have a cake sale coming up on the Sunday the 9th of May. All help will be most welcome.

Here is a letter about these two upcoming events.
letter Blackrock cleanup and cake sale-ONE

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