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ONE Programme

ONE Programme Logo
So with the bulk of the annual camps finished, good luck to Rovers in Wales and Scotland, our attention is turning to the new ONE Programme and the change in Sections.

As part of the pilot scheme I believe that the Group has benefited by having greater youth participation in the programme planning and I am looking forward to seeing this even better enhanced with the ONE Programme. Well done to all the Scouters and Scouts (Trackers to Rovers) for all their hard work and making it a success for our Group.

The biggest changes in the ONE Programme are the names and age ranges. The names have not changed from the previous programme but are different from the Pilot Programme Section names. The names and Age Ranges for the ONE Programme are as follows:

Section Age

Beaver Scouts

6, 7, 8

Cub Scouts

9, 10, 11


12, 13, 14, 15

Venture Scouts

15, 16, 17

Rover Scouts

18, 19, 20


It is Group policy that any six year old wanting to join the Group must be in 1st Class in the September of the Scouting year they join (September to July).

Everybody at this stage should know their new section and meeting night, check with your Scouters if you do not. Potential Patrol Leaders have been identified and invited, Cubs to Venture Scouts, to the Group Training day, hopefully 11 September if available.

If you have any question or comments on the ONE Programme please post here and someone will post a reply.

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Rovers and Stretchers

So tonight the Rovers were tasked with making a rope ladder out of nothing but rope, they decided that it would be much more fun to make a stretcher instead and they are basically the same thing anyway, right?!?

So with only a bag of ropes and their wits about them they began this terrifying and daunting task. I was on hand to provide them with useless advice and take embarrassing photos, which to be honest the three lads didn’t really seem to appreciate. Kevin doesn’t really like having his photo taken so on the right you will see the best one that I managed to get of him and below are the two Conors modelling the stretcher for you. As you can see it is very effective, as long as you don’t actually intend on moving the casualty anywhere.

All in all a good evening was had by all, although I have a suspicion that our stretcher did more damage than good, but i’m that all they needed were more people to carry it. The rest of the meeting was without incident, so that is all I have to say about Rovers and Stretchers.

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