Tuesday morning and everyone was woken bright and early when Mr. Hickling played Revelie on the Bugle, although some of our heavier sleepers did sleep through the whole thing. After a delicious breakfast of Pancakes and Sausage we got ready to head out for activities. 

The first on the list as back to the parade field for more team and initiative games. This time the groups swapped so I visited initiative games, and it was alot of fun. The group I followed started with the spider web, then moved on to an “A-Frame” challenge, the also had a other challenges which they needed to solve as a group. Then the whole group got together to play Rock, Paper, Scissors and two of the Irish Scouts managed to convince the person organising the game that they had never heard of Rock, Paper, Scissors and had no idea how to play. It was hilarious watching everyone try to teach them how to play, but eventually we did tell them that the guys were just messing and had of course played Rock, Paper, Scissors before.

Next we headed to Global Scouting to find our lunch. After a good feed we were introduced to some traditional dress, songs and dances from the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao). After a reluctant start the guys all got into the spirit and had a lot of fun with this. We took lots of photos and I will hopefully get them uploaded soon. Next we went to play a game which come from Costa Rico. This is played with a small ring of rope which you pass among your team kind of like a frisbee, then you have to throw it onto a broom handle which is being held by someone on your team. Everyone really enjoyed this game and want to play it when we get home. The last thing in global scouting was a game from Egypt which involved lots of water and so was much appreciated.

After Global Scouting we headed for Shooting Sports 2, this involved Shotgun, Rifles and Black Powder guns. Most of the group enjoyed this although there was quite alot waiting around in between stations. Most of the guys concluded that their favourite was the clay pidgeon shooting, which some found they were very good at.

After that it was time to head back on site to get ready for dinner. Again we were having a campwide dinner in the dining hall. It was bar-b-q chicken with rice and was very tasty. After dinner it was time for the international night, which is where all of the international groups do the performance that they have prepared. ¬†Conor wasn’t feeling the best this evening so we decided that Stephen would introduce the group in Irish and Conor B would be his translator. The performance actually went really well and everyone enjoyed it, but I was definitely glad when it was over. All of the other performances were excellent, a good evening was had by all. Except maybe for the Canadians who for some reason or other had been forgotten all together and didn’t get to do their performance, this was on top of the fact that yesterday at the waterfront all of their paper work had been lost, they were not happy campers.