Today breakfast was comprised of a Breakfast burrito, which was yummy. Our first activity was at the water front again, and even though it was a little cloudy and not as warm as it has been most of the scouts got in the water or went out on one of the boats. First though I had to make a trip to the Medical centre with a few of the kids who were not feeling too well. I also got some cream for all of my mosquito bites while I was there. WE then got a lift in the golf buggy back to the water front and a few went back to the campsite for a well needed nap.

After the water front we headed up to Native American Lore,  While we were on our way up it started raining pretty heavily so luckily all the rest of the days activities were inside. At Native American Lore we had lunch and the learnt about a few native american crafts. These included making dream catchers, jewelery and weaving with small strips of wood..

Next we headed to handi craft, which I really enjoyed. They had lots of things that you can make most of which I am sure that you will see when all of the Scouts and Ventures get home. Among the things that they made were paracord bracelets, key rings, walking pole covers, sit mats, glass painting and wood brandings. 

Time for dinner and we were finally allowed to cook on our own site as clean drinking water had returned. We had Walking Tacos which we found out are pretty much just Nachos. And the most delicious brownies for dessert.

The evening activities comprised of Card Games in the dining hall and patch trading beside the trading post. The patch trading room was packed, you could barely move and the heat was unbelievable. Everyone had a good time and even got some pretty cool patchs. they were also serving ice cream and pizza in the dining hall and we managed to get one of the rangers to deliver some ice cream all the way to our site for the leaders, it was yum if a little malted. At about 9.45 everything was shut down because there were warnings that a thunder storm was on the way.

After a quick patrol check we worked out that two scouts had not returned to the site. We worked out that they were on one of two sites and had them both back on site in no time. At this point the rain was thundering down and there was some really impressive Thunder and Lightening.