Our first day after camp, me and the girls had a lazi-ish morning, we took it easy and just got up whenever we felt like it. Although Anthony (our host) said he was so used to getting up at 7am on camp that he had woken up at that time and couldn’t go back to sleep. When I got up I spent some time on the computer and we all watched some more classic american television (Log Tuckers and Alligator Wrestlers).


At about noon we decided we should really start re-packing our bags. I went first as my stuff seemed to be the most scattered around the room. Somehow )and I was the most amazed) I managed to get everything back into my bag. The two girls had no difficulty at all and soon we were all ready to go.


We said our goodbyes to Anthony and Reese and Rob gave us a lift to the Church where we met the rest of the group. At the car park we said Thank you and goodbye to Rob and moved all of our bags into Scott’s Van. Once everyone had arrived we all jumped into cars and vans and were on our way to the airport. It onlt took 15 minutes or so to get to the airport and then it was time to say our last goodbyes and thank you’s.


Once into the airport I went to investigate the check in process which unfortunately was all electronic. This meant that each person had to be checked in individually on a computer screen which was a little time consuming. Then we had to go through a bag drop and passport check. After all of this we were running a little late and hurried on to the security check. Surprisingly this was not as efficient as in Dublin Airport but eventually we were all through, belts and shoes in tact. We more or less ran on to the departure and found that we were just in time for check in. Within about ten minutes we were all finding our seats on the plane and I was settling down for a nap.


Once of the plane which arrived about 10 minutes early we proceeded through JFK very fast and found to our delight that all of our bags had made it too. I rang our New York contact Mike and soon he met us with his minibus and trailer for the bags. It took us about an hour and a half to get to Mikes house where we met all of the Llamas (Belle, Juiliet, Gideon, Sheeba and ). We gave them some food and also met Mikes wife Gail. After a while though it was time to hop back in the Mini bus and head to the cabin where we would all be staying.


By the time we arrived at the cabin it was about 11.30pm. We had a quick look around, it is a very nice cabin with two small rooms, one bug room, a large common room and a kitchen (the toilet block is also very close by). Once we were settled everyone headed to bed.