The last day of camp has come and I think that most people have found that they really don’t want to leave, we have all made such good friends and it feels strange that we won’t wake up to see them all tomorrow morning.

The morning was spent packing the trailer, taking photos and saying our goodbyes. With alot of team work we were on the road by 11am and n our way back to Garden City, where we started getting things out of the trailers and we all had a troop dinner which was delicious and a great way to end an amazing week. We also presented our host group with their gift and one of our embroidered kneckerchiefs. After dinner we really didn’t want to say goodbye to some of the friends that we had made, but eventually we all had to go our separate ways.

The girls and I went back to the Hodson household for one last night in Michigan. We emptied our back and got lots of washing done. I went for a swim as it is supposed to help mosquito bites, I don’t think it did much for them but the long hot shower afterwards was very nice.

We spent the evening just chilling out playing cards and reliving the evens of the last week. We also made a preliminary start on our packing, because we head out to New York tomorrow.