An even earlier start today meant that everyone was more or less asleep in the minibus, and quite possibly in the shower too. After showers had been had a few of us headed back down to White Plains for a bit more shopping and exploring.


We returned to the house at about 11am, where all of us were collected and brought t one of the Scouts houses for a Bar-b-que. This was delicious and the weather was gorgeous, we sat and chatted and ate until 3pm until it was time to go and meet the Mayor of White Plains. Although before we left we did surprise Oisín with Birthday cake and presents. His cake was very cool, it had Batman on top of it.


Meeting the Mayor was pretty cool, we had a tour of City Hall, got some photos with the Mayor. He gave us all a pin from the City of White Plains. He then brought us all the fountains in the middle of the city and produced he magic city key which meant that he could put on a pretty cool fountain show with music. Some of the socuts really got into the spirt and stared dancing to Michael Jacksons Thriller right then and there.


We then headed back to the same house as earlier, where all of the scouts (American and Irish) got in the hot tub for a long while. They certainly seemed to have alot of fun.


At 7pm we headed back to the cabin and just played cards and chilled out for the evening.