Finally a nice relaxed start, we all got up in our own time as Mike wasn’t coming to collect us until 1pm. Then we all headed to a local swimming pool and sports centre. ¬†This was a lot of fun, and it was really nice to be able to cool off in the pool. All of the scouts had fun showing off their diving talents and then investigated the two water slides. Some even decided to have a few races which was fun to watch.

Just before dinner (pizza) arrived the Americans offered to show us and the Hungarians how to play baseball. We had a few Americans playing as well which was good, as it helped keep the game moving. But I have to say that the star of the show as Conor as he hit the only home run and then dived to catch a ball and get the final out of the game, very impressive all together.

When we were told that the pizza had arrived we moved with speed back to the picnic tables as everyone was hungry at this point. After a good feed alot of the scouts and venturers decided to get back in the pool and the others played table tennis for a while and then just sat down to have a chat with the American venturers. 

In the evening Mike and his wife Gail offered to take us to a Drive-In Movie. There was a double feature of Batman and Ted on, however we only stayed to see Batman. It was really really cool, although a little awkward because we couldn’t sit in the van and watch. Most of us just found a nice spot on the grass somewhere and sat down with some popcorn to watch the film. It was a lovely warm evening and a very good film, even the second time round.

We didn’t get back to the cabin until about midnight and so it was straight to bed for everyone, after another very enjoyable day.