Our second last day here and another early start as we needed to be ready to leave the cabin at 8am. I have to admit everyone is getting much better at getting ready in the morning and it doesn’t take as long to get everyone out of bed. We all piled into the minivan and headed into White Plains to meet the Hungarians and other Americans before heading into New York City again.

Today we parked near the South Street Sea Port and walked down Wall Street, this was nice to see especially because it was a Saturday and not too busy. We visited the Bull of Wall Street and took a few photos. The next stop on our tour was Battery Park, where we were able to see out to Ellis and Statin Islands. It was a lovely day and the view was incredible.

On our way to Ground Zero and a view of the Freedom Tower we stopped to eat our lunch of bagels and crisps in the sunshine. Ground Zero was very very busy, but we did get a very good view of the Freedom Tower with the two cranes on the top. It was now time to head back to the cars (for a well deserved nap for some).

Next on our list of things to do was the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this was simply amazing in every way. We only spend a little under two hours here which only gave us time to get a taste of what they had to offer. Myself and Kevin looked at the Egyptian art, the American art, the Arms and Armoury area and a little of the European art. A lot of it was fascinating and beautiful, and when we met up with the group again all of the scouts seemed to have enjoyed themselves.

We left the Hungarians in the museum, and we all headed towards a Baseball game that we had tickets for. We stopped in Pizza Hut for dinner, which was deliciously but I certainly ate too much, I don’t know about anyone else. Anyway takeaway boxes in hand we headed to the stadium. We got there just in time for the start of the game and found our seats. The scouts particularly enjoyed getting Soda and Candy Floss, I am not sure that they saw much of the baseball but they definitely enjoyed the atmosphere. The home team won in the last inning and it was definitely exciting for the last few minutes.

Back to the cabin for our last night in New York.