Today we went to see the new Batman movie and it was amazing! We all went to the local cinema and most of the host families came along too. It was a really good film and Conor G was also thoroughly impressed that you get one free refill on your drink.

After the film we (me and the girls) came back to the house to finish re-packing all of our gear back into our bags. All of the big bags are going in the trailer first thing tomorrow morning so we needed to re organize all of our gear. After that we chilled out for a bit, then played some basketball. I then found a water gun and fairly soon after that Emma also found one. Once all of us were thoroughly soaked the two girls decided to go for a swim and Reese joined them after a while, at which point the three of them had water guns and I got soaked again.

Everyone had to be dragged out of the pool for dinner, we had hot dogs and tater tots, they were yum. After dinner the girls and Reese got back in the pool and Anthony, Grace and Hannah joined them. The guys all stayed in the pool until about 11pm and then went inside and played hide and seek. I learnt how to play a card game called Euker.

All in all a good day had by all, although I am not sure what the guys got up to after the film.