We had to get up early-ish today to meet up and pack all the gear into trailers at 8am. It wasn’t so bad because it was yet another glorious day outside. We had all of our gear ready the night before so just threw our bags in the car and were ready to go. When we got to the car park we met up with Andrew, Fionn, Oisín and Stephen and the Canadians even had the stuff that we ordered from the scout shop which was very exciting.

It didn’t take long to get the bags in the trailers and then we came back to the house. We had a short rest and then played Uno with Melissa, Anthony and Reese. This was alot of fun and we ended up saying “Yes Anthony it IS your turn” alot. At about 11am we headed out to go to the Great Lakes Crossing Outlet Mall.

The journey should only take about an hour but we hit some really bad traffic and spent a little longer in the car than we had planned. When we got to the mall we met up with Andrew and Fionn and one or two of the Ugandan scouts. We grabbed a quick bite to eat and then started the 1 mile walk around the mall. On the way we found some shoes, some t-shirts, some wrist bands and some very strange hats. We also discovered that over here T.K.Maxx is called T.J.Maxx, how strange is that.

When we got back to the food court, we met Fionn and Andrew again. They had both bought identical black skinny jeans and black band t-shirts t match there almost identical penny boards. They had spent alot of time in their new favourite shop Hot Topic.

After the guys had left we met back up with Melissa and the guys and headed back home, the return journey was much shorter. When we got home we considered going for a swim but then realised we had packed all of our swim gear. So we played basketball and then cards instead. WE chilled out in the garden and then had some dinner. Now it is time to get ready to head up to camp tomorrow morning.

In terms of the other guys, Stephen and Oisín went to a different very big mall and I think the Conor’s were spending some more time in their tiger suits, but will stand to be corrected on that one.

Hopefully I will still be able to post every day while on camp but may not be able to post the photos every day so we will see how it goes.