So on Sunday we all met up to go to camp. All of the bags were packed so this helped alot. The bus ride took about 3 hours which wasn’t too bad alot of people had a nap but some decided to regale us with there entire musical repertoire. When we arrived on the Northwoods campsite, we found that they were behind schedule and so because we were on time for our check in time we were actually too early. This was ok we all just sat down and chilled out in the sunshine for a while until they were ready for us.

Once we were all checked in, we headed to our subcamp to get out of our uniforms and sort out tents. The Americans and Canadians went about pitching there tents while us, Bonaire and the Ugandans dropped our stuff off in ours. There are two in each tent so this didn’t take very long.

Once everyone was sorted we headed down to the dining hall to get Dinner and get ready for the opening ceremony. Fionn and Conor G had the honour of carrying the national flag on behalf of the group. for dinner we had pizza from Dominoes, they actually got Dominoes pizza to bring all of their stuff to the campsite and cook it all for us. It was delicious and everyone got more than enough.

Next we had to line up outside the parade field, we were number 11 in the procession, just behind Hungary and in front of the Isle of Mann. Funnily enough our scouts got on with the Isle of Mann very well from the word go. In turn off the contingents walked into the parade field with their flag. Conor and Fionn brought ours to the flag pole and once all of the contingents had arrived the flags were all raised at the same time.

After a few photos we headed back to our subcamp and all of the scouts continued to mingle and play cards. We also had Cracker Barrel (or Supper) of various different types of cookies.

All in all a great first day on camp.

P.s. I won’t be able to upload photos this week but will upload some next week.