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St. Patrick’s Day Mass 2012

As we said in the last news post the group attended the Patrick’s Day mass in Blackrock’s St. John the Baptist Church. The group would love to thank the priests in Blackrock Church for being so welcoming to us. There was a great turn out from our group this year with about 35 people attending the mass — but mostly as we were camping in Blackrock and we frog marched everyone to mass.

At the mass scouts carried the cross and bible up during the procession. Ventures and Shay held the flags: the Irish flag, the group flag and the Scouting Ireland flag. The group presented Shamrock to the parish and distributed it out to the congregation after mass.

Thanks again to everyone who attended the mass and kept the age-old tradition of attending Patrick’s Day mass in Blackrock.

Here are a few photos of the group who attended outside the church in Blackrock.

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Patrick’s Day Weekend Plans

We have a lot of upcoming events this Paddy’s Day weekend. We have our annual group shield competition camp being run by our venture section for our scout section running from the Friday evening to the Sunday. The entire group, from beavers all the way up to the ventures will be attending our traditional Patrick’s Day mass in Blackrock Church, where the group presents shamrock to the parish of Blackrock. This is an annual tradition that stretches back a long time. All the scouts and ventures that are attending the group shield camp-craft competition will be attending the mass despite the competition.

The details for the camp for scouts can be found in this letter to parents.

The group is attending the 10:30am mass in Blackrock Church, but we ask you to be there are 10:15am as there will be jobs, from bringing up the gifts to holding the flags, and distributing shamrock that we need to organise before the mass. It is without saying since the group will be representing the group that all youth members must wear full uniform. That is: black trousers, black shoes/boots, 29th Dublin Blackrock neckerchief, shirt/jumper (depending on your section).

Hope to see you all at the camp or mass this weekend. If you cannot make it have a fun and safe weekend.

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Group Camp

The Scout Sheild camp on the Paddys weekend sounds like it is going to be fun. Hope I can make it.

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St Patricks Day Mass

Hope to see you and your family in St John the Baptist Church in Blackrock for St Patricks Day mass. We are attending the 10:30am mass and to ensure enough seat all Scouts must be there by 10:15am.

We are finding it difficult to source shamrock this year. If we do there will be the customary blessing of the of the Shamrock and we will distribute it to the rest of the congregation.

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St Patricks Week

There will be no Discovery Scout meeting next week, March 18th. We will return on March 25th.

The meeting will start up at 7.30pm from March 25th and NOT 7pm as previously. We will still be finishing at 9pm.

Hope you all have a great St Patricks Day

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