Half way through our camp week and half way through our entire trip, wow the time has flown.

Pancakes for breakfast, my favourite. Our first activity was Geocaching in the pouring rain, which was well wet and of course half of the Irish scouts did not have a rain coat with them even though it rains ninety percent of the time at home. So everyone came back to site a little early and very very wet.

Next on our programme was plastic barrel rafting, so at least for this it didn’t matter that it was raining as they were all going to get wet anyway. Each patrol made their own raft, designed in their own way. Some of them worked really well and some did not work quite some well but all made it around the rafting course no matter how long it took them. The winning patrol was the Curlews, Conor B’s patrol. Some people even managed to stay clean and dry which was very impressive.

There was no second afternoon activity today in order to allow us time to prepare for the international meal. When we got back to the campsite all of the scouts were sent to their tents for a 30 minute rest, as some people had been getting very cranky.

Once they were up again we started to make dinner, this involved a lot of peeling and chopping and stirring. Canadian Andrew was very helpful we stirring as we needed to keep improvising tools that could make it all the way to bottom of the pot. We ate dinner at about 6pm and everyone loved the stew, especially Conor G. On our site we also tasted some rice and soup from Uganda, Pumpkin Pancakes from Bonaire and Poutin from Canada. The pancakes were delicious, I may even try to get the recipe from them at some point. The Poutin was also yummy although I have to say I was a touch sceptical at first. It is composed of French Fries covered in gravy with cheese on the top.

After dinner it was time to go and see the Kwahadi Dancers. This was a really great performance which could only have been improved if the seats had been a little more comfortable.