The International Festival day/Visitors day has arrived and all too quickly for my liking. But the sunshine and heat has also returned. With some help from the rangers we got all of our materials to the parade field and then set everything up for our display. I have to say that it looked pretty well. After some editing of the mixture we got the potatoe cakes under way. Everyone loved the smoked salmon and brown bread and the potatoe cakes. We taught them how to tie a turk’s head woggle, let them sample some sweets and introduced them to Irish sports and music.

We were right next to the Canadian stall and had a lot of fun during the day, some of the scouts parents also came up for the day and it was really nice to get to meet them all.

Once the visitors had left we had a flag lowering ceremony and a presentation of gifts to Bruce, the camp organisor. He really liked our gift and thought it was beautiful. After a campwide dinner of Chicken and baked potatoe we headed back to the site to get some tidying up done and get a start on the packing. We Irish also went to the fox subcamp to meet the Ventures from New York that we will be staying with next week. Soon it was time to head over to the campfire bowl for the Interfaith service and Closing ceremony. Both were very enjoyable and again would have only been improved if the seats were a little more comfortable and their had been less mosquitos.

When we got back to the site there was just enough time for a quick snack before all of the Scouts and Ventures were sent to bed for the last time. The leaders stayed up a little longer just to get some of the organising and packing done .