All in all today was not a very interesting day, me and the girls just chilled out in the morning. We slept in, watched some trashy day time tv and played card games, it was actually very enjoyable. Most of the boys went shopping in various malls and bought a variety of t-shirt, hats and shorts.


At 6pm we had a troop picnic in Garden City Park, this was another opportunity to get to know all of the other scouts on our sub camp. The guys even started to mingle this time. We ate lots of very good food, played various games and made new friends.







After the food and games, the Americans presented the international troops (us and Bonaire) with both a State and National flag. The National flag was flown in Washington and the State flag was flown at the State Capital. They also presented us with one of the new BSA Scout books. The Canadians then gave us a Canadian flag complete with plastic packaging.

Everyone headed home early as we have a very early start to get to Cedar Point tomorrow morning. I will let you know how that goes tomorrow.