So today was our trip to Lansing, this was also a chance to get to know Troop 740 from Garden City, the scouts from Bonaire and the scouts from 45th Windsor, who all came with us. ┬áIt took about an hour and a half to get to Lansing, which wasn’t too bad. When we got there our first stop was the Lansing Historical Museum, this is pretty cool museum that goes through the history of Michigan and the people of Michigan. There were some pretty cool exhibits about Ford. And the guys even got to do some colouring and cutting in the craft area so they were happy.



















Next stop was Lake Lansing Park where we had hot dogs for lunch. Then it was time to go swimming in the lake, which was really nice because the temperature was in the high 30’s. Once everyone had had there fill of swimming it was time for pizza for dinner. This pizza from Little Caesars was really tasty.

At 6pm the performances of all of the international contingents began. We got ready to do ours without any music, but it all went pretty well considering. Although I don’t think anyone expected Conor G to get stage fright, he pulled it off though and everyone loved him.

It was almost 9pm when we left the park and I think everyone was ready for a nap. When me and the girls got home, we sat out of the porch and watched the lightning which was getting pretty impressive. We also tried some Faygo soda and potatoe chips that you can only get in Michigan. Both were very tasty especially the strawberry flavoured Faygo. We also had a good discussion about American words and Irish words.

I will try and add some more photos of the park later on but that is it for now.

Kevin Baker:

The two Conors went to Walmart and the fast food joint White Castle in the early hours of Day 4. White Castle served little slider burgers. They were greasy and covered in onions. Here are some photos from the late night trip.