Standard team and novice team combined

3 islandics

2 giant pearls

1 dome tent

8 wooden mallets (need to buy another 4)

1 peg box

Dining shelter cover

Blue tarp

2 utensil boxes

2 billys

2 large pots

2 skillets

4 large patrol boxes

2 pairs of fire gloves

4 cooler boxes

ice packs

2 folding tables

4 gas canisters(questionable)

4 gas elements


4 large food storage boxes

gas element stand(for novices)

wooden blocks

2 axes

2 saws

2 chopping blocks

2 wood storage tarps

2 scissors

6 sisal balls (questionable)

boundary poles

boundary rope



big first aid kit

6 plastic basins

1 bivy pp

2sand and 2water buckets

4 jerry cans

6 bins and bin bags

kitchen paper

cling film

6 tin foil(questionable)

2 fire grills

2 half barrels

wooden skewers

metal rods(altar fire)

wire(altar fire)

personal first aidkit

burn gel(re-stock)

Stationary (scribes)

scouting trail

Lots of fire wood and kindling

fire kits if you have them


training first aidkit

plastic boxes for wood storage