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Smelvin 2016 Information

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Smelvin General Information

Smelvin Competition

For teams (Patrols or Watch’s) of 6 – 8 scouts, these teams will be referred to as the Standard Patrols.

Smelvin Novice Competition

For teams of 6 – 8 Scouts. There can be no more than 3 scouts on the team who have previously participated in a Smelvin or Phoenix competition. This is the seventh year of our Novice competition. The idea behind the Novice competition is that it will give younger Scouts the opportunity to take part in the Smelvin weekend.  If the teams are struggling at any stage over the weekend, venture staff will be assigned to them to assist and encourage them, (however the ventures will not do the job for them!). There will be a prize for the winning Novice team, and both Novice and Smelvin teams will compete against each other for the Cooking and Log book trophies and the Campfire Competition. The winners and runners-up of the Smelvin competition will go forward to represent Dun Laoghaire Scout County at the Phoenix Challenge in August. Max age of a Scout is 15 years 364 days or under on day 1 of The Phoenix Challenge, which is 18 August 2016.

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Smelvin Gear List

  Standard team and novice team combined 3 islandics 2 giant pearls 1 dome tent 8 wooden mallets (need to buy another 4) 1 peg box Dining shelter cover Blue tarp 2 utensil boxes 2 billys 2 large pots 2 skillets 4 large patrol boxes 2 pairs of fire gloves 4 cooler boxes ice packs 2 folding tables 4 gas canisters(questionable) 4 gas elements matches 4 large food storage boxes gas element stand(for novices) wooden blocks 2 axes 2 saws 2 chopping blocks 2 wood storage tarps 2 scissors 6 sisal balls (questionable) boundary poles boundary rope firelighters coals big first aid kit 6 plastic basins 1 bivy pp 2sand and 2water buckets 4 jerry cans 6 bins and bin bags kitchen paper cling film 6 tin foil(questionable) 2 fire grills 2 half barrels wooden skewers metal rods(altar fire) wire(altar fire) personal first aidkit burn gel(re-stock) Stationary (scribes) scouting trail Lots of fire wood and kindling fire kits if you have them compass training first aidkit plastic boxes for wood storage    

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