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GLC 2013 report hits BSA website

There is an article about the InsideOut coverage of GLC 2013, see here

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Smelivin 2011

We were the patrol leader and assistant patrol leader on the 2011 Smelvin, on my team was Fionn (me/PL) Emma  (me to/APL) Andrew, Abby, Cillian, Cliona, Meghan and Alex. The theme was I’m a scout Get me out of here!

It was really good fun, we came fifth out of eight troops we did well in some activities like “bivvie” which was a backwoods challenge, we also did well in the T-shirt competition (big thanks to Hugh and Niamh) we also did good in the cooking and some of the other activities.

We didn’t win but we still all had loads of fun working as a team, and made loads of new friends. The other groups were Dun Laoghaire, Tullow, Newtownpark, Cornelscourt and Stillorgan.

On the first day all we did was set up camp and we also started to do some of our pioneering, and we had some soup that Megan made on our gas cooker.

The next morning, Saturday, we got up really early and finished off setting up our camp. After we had our breakfast we where told to go to our activities, we did water, first aid, bivvie, we built chariots, and we also did a bushtucker trial in witch we had to eat lambs heart (which everyone loved). Then we went back to our camp we cooked curry (koala guts and woodlice) we then we then had brownies (kangaroo guts) and melted gummy worm they where lovely, we made them on the Dutch oven. After dinner we had a big camp fire with all the groups. We had to do these funny skits or sing songs relating to the theme. We did a song.

The next morning, Sunday morning, we raced the chariots BIGGEST EPIC FAIL.Then we packed up everything pretty fast. Later we we went to the ceremony when we found out who won the different categories like the cooking competition and logbook. We also found out who came in what place. Tullow were third, Newtownpark second and Dun Laoghaire first. First and second go on to the Phoenix, the national competition.

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